A 59 years man from Varna, Bulgaria is in a very bad condition. He has serious cauterizes in his oesophagus, mouth cavity and stomach.

He bought a glass bottle from gas station in Varna on 19th February 2011. After two-three sips of juice he had felt bad. Gas station’s employees immediately called ambulance. The condition of the patient is stable, said Medical Staff from Surgery Hall of the Institute St. Anna – Multi-profile Hospital for Active Medical Treatment and Emergency Medicine, the City of Varna. But it is still dimly what caused the cauterization – base or acid.

The producer of juice is the Austrian Company RAUCH.

This case is typical example for Crisis PR and Management. Many consumers stopped using the RAUCH products after this event. Simultaneously there are many Anti-firm campaigns on Internet and Social media. Till today, there is NO response taken from the Austrian firm or from the Bulgarian official Distributor.

The consumers yet associate firm with social irresponsibility, inadequacy, image collapse, public distrust and huge financial loss for RAUCH Co. These effects are going to increase with the time.

How RAUCH should response?

First steps:

1.       Immediate information about the case to stop the rumours (make a Press conference with the firm’s Top Management)

2.       Take responsibility (medical support for the victim(s) – financial and moral and all concerned sides)

3.       Take prompt action – to recapture the firm’s products from the market for independent analyses

4.       Disseminating information frequently about the progress of the current case and products quality

5.       Cooperation with investigators

So… we are waiting to see some positive corporative changes in the next few days. But isn’t it so late? RAUCH is yet considered as irresponsible and careless firm.


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